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The 4 week job search intensive to help you stand out and cultivate a career you love!

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Are you tired of applying to jobs, and not hearing back? Let's change that!

Pop quiz! Which one describes you?

  1. You’ve applied for stacks and stacks of jobs but all you hear is crickets
  2. You know applying online is standard practice but you have no clue how to make your (digital) self stand out
  3. Even when you do get interviews, you go in with sweaty palms and you’re not ending up with offers (which is really frustrating because you know you have skills and value to bring to the table!)

Listen: you’re not alone. You’re not a failure.

The problem is, nobody teaches you this stuff. But get ready because that’s about to change!

You CAN land that dream job and I’m here to give you the tools to make it happen.

Tiffany gets the highest recommendation possible from me. While searching for my first job after college, Tiffany guided me through all aspects of the process: cover letters, interview prep, onsite visit outfit tips and salary negotiation. She not only has the knowledge that made my job search smooth and successful but Tiffany provided a calm support system during a time that would have otherwise been stressful for me.”

-Katie G.

You’re a smart, capable woman and I know you want agency in your life.

You're not sure what you could be doing differently but you're ready to try something new so you can finally land the job you actually want instead of accepting whatever happens to come your way. And, future Career Maven, you’re in the right place!

With The Career Maven™ Academy you’ll finally be able to own your career story and unlock the life you want.

In this 4 week bootcamp I’ll walk you through the 5 simple steps to go from day dream to dream job:

  1. Craft your strategy and tell your story by building a strategic job search and getting clear on what you really want
  2. Build your career branding toolkit by uncovering your unique career story brand and how to write resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles to stand out and get seen
  3. Activate your network by getting clear on exactly what networking is, how to do it effectively (without feeling sleazy), staying organized and leveraging digital tools like LinkedIn
  4. Interview like a boss including exactly what to do before, during and after an interview to shine like a STAR
  5. Negotiate your salary with self-assurance by knowing how to consider an offer package, negotiate your pay and benefits and make a decision with total confidence to #ask4more!

Ready to stand out and cultivate a career you love?

"I received an offer from a financial services company and I accepted it! Not only was the position in the career area that I am interested: IT and software product development, but Tiffany really helped me learn the ins and outs of updating my application materials to get noticed. Her reassurance every step of the way was what I needed to unlock a boost of confidence and stay the course. Her experience and expertise resulted in me landing the job of my dreams in just under three months! Pretty incredible."


Real talk: Job search strategies aren't what they used to be 20 or even 10 years ago.

You have to not only be savvy, you have to know how to tell your unique story and make yourself stand out in a digital world.

The key is connecting the dots between your professional experience and new opportunities. And yes, sometimes that’s intimidating when you’ve had diverse experiences that feel a little, well, all over the place.

But you CAN leverage your career story to show what you can do, land a job you love and get the compensation you deserve.

You’ll walk away from The Career Maven™ Academy with the tools to:

  • Feel confident in your job search and shine brighter in a crowded marketplace
  • Finally get attention from recruiters and hiring managers
  • Identify your abilities and interests (and find opportunities that align with them!)
  • Nail how to communicate your value so you can make the money you deserve and cultivate the life you want

I don’t mean to brag or anything but this 4-week bootcamp is unlike anything else out there!

Not only will you get the actionable tools (no fluff here!) to become a dream job magnet, you’ll have access to me as a guide and support since real success comes with accountability.


But let’s back up just a minute. You might be wondering, “who is this Tiffany and why should I listen to her anyway?”

I’m Tiffany Waddell Tate and as a career coach and talent development consultant, I help women gain the tools they need to shine brighter in a crowded marketplace so they can attract their dream job with confidence.

I’m super passionate about helping others develop themselves while adding value to organizations and the world. And believe me, I’ve been where you are…

Trying to get attention from recruiters and hiring managers. Wanting a dream job that aligned with my interests and abilities. Unsure how to communicate my value and earn the money I deserved.

Sound familiar?

It’s frustrating because it feels like there’s so much you should be doing but it’s overwhelming to know where to begin and what advice to take.

That’s why I know it’s time for you to make your job search intentional. To hit the reset button and kickstart your career so you can unlock the life you want.

...preferably with a little joy and the support and accountability of a professional who’ll really take their time with you, right?

With over a decade of work in Higher Education, I’m a trained speaker and facilitator with a special knack for leading professional development efforts for individuals and teams. I’ve been featured as a guest speaker for collegiate institutions, professional associations across the country, and within the private-sector on a variety of professional development topics for college students, early career professionals and executive leaders in transition.

My superpower is coaching professionals to learn, lead and grow at work while being true to their authentic selves and building their personal brand.

Now I can’t wait to share what I've learned to build my career and the careers of others to save you time and stress (and make more money while you’re at it!)

What's Included:

The Career Maven™ Academy is truly transformational --and like nothing else out there-- because it combines strategic, actionable tools to amplify your job search with a deeper understanding of your own story and values so you can show up with confidence to opportunities that align with the life you want.

The weekly modules include actionable content and guidance from a seasoned career coach to get you unstuck and achieving results in just 4 weeks. You’ll leave each week with specific steps to take to ensure you’re on track toward your goals.

The program will give you the structure, tools and motivation you need to have agency over your career journey:

  • Goals and a plan for your search to help you work smarter not harder
  • More clarity and confidence in how to tell your unique career story
  • Job search tools to help you stand out and get hired: a revamped resume, LinkedIn profile and refined cover letter
  • Proven tactics to help you succeed in behavioral interviews and small group interview or networking settings

Plus, you’ll have access to a community who are right where you are and rooting for your success!

And just because I like to be a little bit extra, you’ll also get:

  • Insider tips and advice from a career coach who’s worked with hundreds of recruiting professionals over the past decade
  • Lifetime access to a comprehensive toolkit of job search templates and resources to help you implement strategies right away

Here are all the goodies you get inside The Career Maven™ Academy:

  • Comprehensive guidebook to guide you every step of the way including:
    • Checklists
    • Cheatsheets
    • Worksheets
  • 5 video modules covering:
    • Crafting your strategy and telling your story
    • Building your career branding kit
    • Activating your network
    • Interviewing like a boss
    • Negotiating your salary

And my favorite part? You’ll get exclusive access to The Career Maven™ Academy Society.

In this private Facebook group, I’ll drop in for live office hours so you can get your questions answered and the professional support and mentorship you need!

The Career Maven™ Academy is for you if you’re:

  • An early or mid-career professional, with about 5-10 years of work experience
  • Desiring work that has meaning and where you can feel challenged and valued
  • Ready to invest real time in yourself to cultivate a career and life you love
  • Looking for new ideas and want the inside scoop on how to get real results in your job search

But the truth is, The Career Maven™ Academy isn’t for everyone.

This 4-week bootcamp isn’t for you if you:

  • Want to keep applying for jobs on a wink and a prayer
  • Don’t mind spending lots of time figuring out how to stand out and get seen
  • Are content with the status quo or taking whatever career breadcrumbs get tossed to you
  • Feel okay leaving money on the table when you do finally get a job offer

What do you have to lose by not signing up for The Career Maven™ Academy?

  • Progress because you’ll keep spinning your wheels on what isn’t working for you
  • Time because you’ll keep wasting precious hours hustling and hoping something pays off
  • Money because you won’t have the confidence to communicate your value and negotiate for the pay you deserve

I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true! The good news is you have SO MUCH to gain by joining The Career Maven™ Academy:

  • Progress now that you can finally take strategic, aligned action in your job search
  • Time now that you’ll know exactly what high-impact steps to take (and what to let go of!) to attract your dream job
  • Money now that you can walk into interviews with total confidence and communicate your value and ask for what you need

Still trying to decide whether or not to claim your seat in the Career Maven™ Academy? This 4 week course is an intensive workshop designed to help you unpack the clarity and confidence you need to sustain a successful job search and manage your career like a boss.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does The Career Maven™ Academy start and finish?
Good news! The bootcamp is self-paced and always available! You’ll also have access to the content for the lifetime of the course, once you enroll.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? Pretty good, right? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I’d never want you to be unhappy! I’ve worked hard to make this course a valuable asset in your job search and career toolkit, and feel confident if you do the work that you will get results. Due to the nature of the course, there are no refunds. Please read over the class curriculum and required tools before purchasing. If you have any questions to make sure it's a good fit for you, please email me at [email protected].
How long will the The Career Maven™ Academy take to complete?
Once the class launches, it’s designed to be completed across 4-6 weeks. I suggest setting aside at least 1 hour per week to work through the material. Remember, you’ll have access to the course content forever once you register and can go back if you need to spend more time on one of the week’s homework assignments or action steps.
Outside of the online class, what else do we get?
Once the doors to the class open, you’ll be invited to download the teaching tool supplements - the Career Maven™ guide - which will include everything you need to get through the course modules with ease.
Once we register, what other costs are involved?
Nothing! Hidden fees aren’t my style. Once you register for The Career Maven™ Academy you’ll receive access instructions straight to your inbox. The class guide can be completed online - though I’m partial to printing it out and following along with a pen in hand! The only other investment for the course is carving out uninterrupted time for yourself to hop online and give each lesson the attention it deserves. You owe it to yourself!
How quickly will I get a return on investment?
This varies by client. As you know, job searches vary by industry, location and each individual person’s experience. If you’re diligent in completing all of the work in the course, I believe you’ll see your confidence soar immediately and real results in your career strategy start to take shape.
Will this work for me, I'm a ______________?
Career Maven™ Academy is designed for any participant who’s ready to put excuses on the shelf and take the first step toward being an active agent in their career journey. Maybe you aren’t looking for a new job - but you’re hoping to ramp up your networking skills? This bootcamp is for you. Maybe you’re confident that your interview skills are tight but unsure about writing your resume? This is for you, too. Wherever you are with your career story, you can gain valuable insights and experience from this experience.

So. What do you say?

Ready to get the strategies, skills and tools you need to get more interviews, more jobs and more pay?

I think you are. This is your time.

You could keep trying to go it alone. Or you could join The Career Maven™ Academy and get the tools, strategy, accountability and motivation --all things that are often missing when you’re job searching on your own-- you need to supercharge your job search.

Listen, I don’t want you to waste one.more.minute. spinning your wheels.

Get momentum in your job search, check off those tasks you’ve been putting off and finally get some real results. The time to begin is NOW.

I’m ready to bring out your inner Career Maven™ and take you from daydream to dream job so let’s do this!

Get started now!